Power IoT Platform

Autor: AZPower Inc.

Working on Microsoft Azure, Cloud native IoT platform with expandability, availability and flexibili

Basic functions essential for IoT introduction and operation ranging from dedicated SIM that can connect IoT devices via closed network, device authentication, protocol conversion, and device management are SaaS environments, one stop on the customer's Azure proprietary environment and in a short period of time I will construct it.
It has a high affinity with Microsoft products, and it enables you to visualize and analyze sensor information freely. Based on the coordination function with Power BI and the insight gained there, we can use the API linkage function to cheaply and speedily develop business systems on PaaS You can also. It also works smoothly with AI and machine learning services such as Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning.
You can build an optimal ecosystem with Power IoT Platform and use it to create a new business model.

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