Sales representatives application by B2BEE

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Sales representatives application with Merchandising module, GPS tracking, real-time data flow

Sales reps application

  • Visit plans per day, cycles, and shifts; different visit scenarios
  • GPS tracking, store location mapping
  • Customer financial balances, debits, payments...
  • Real-time supervisor messages
  • Customer financial card overview
  • Document overview (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Taking photos
  • Stock Overview
  • Making purchase orders
  • Massive, bulk orders
  • Special bulk order form
  • Information about delivery
  • Daily review
  • Questionnaires
  • For work from the office, as well as more comfortable work during the pandemic, the B2B Office Seller is available

Automate and organize wholesale with a B2B e-commerce solution

The user interface is tailored to any device, whether a desktop or mobile device that vendors in the field will mainly use. The form of the application enables fast onboarding and training of new users. The likable and simple GUI makes it easy for users to navigate.

Modern technical solution

The service is cloud-based and available through a SaaS license. Our applications are hosted on fast, reliable, and secure servers.

Connected to your ERP

We believe wholesale automation is impossible without a secure and reliable connection to ERP. By synchronizing the required data in real time, we enable you to perform all data administration in the ERP, eliminating the possibility of error due to double administration. Our ERP connectors are thoroughly tested and operational with your business software.

Ordering and delivery

Online ordering with predefined discounts and specific terms for each buyer separately. All required documents are recorded and submitted into ERP, along with the accompanying document status changes. Stock checking is done in real time, by checking all the necessary warehouses in your ERP, according to defined priorities. The buyer has information about the delivery times, which reduces the additional pressure on the sellers.

Transparency of information

The possibility of error is practically non-existent, because the conditions of sale for each logged-in customer are defined in advance, and the flow of all information regarding the sale is automatically done through the application. Supervisors and managers track analytics and report through their desktop and mobile devices.

Data availability

If provided an internet connection, data access is possible via any mobile device, worldwide. Data security is ensured according to the highest standards.

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