On Shelf Availability Solution

Autor: Bee Solutions

Solution for retailers that support the improvement stores of On Shelf Availability for customers

The solution focus on improving the stores On Shelf Availability (OSA) – at the retail customer point of view.

…usually, there are no simple / cheap controls in place for items that are at the store backroom, but not on the shelves, at the salesfloor. Customers get frustrated with retailers when they go to a store but, the product they are looking for is not available on the shelf.

Our solution help retailers, industries and distributors to have the answers for the following questions:

  1. Which products need merchandisers / replenishers attention due to not being on the shelf? 
  2. Which products are not on the shelves, but are available in the store’s backroom?
  3. In which stores do the merchandisers / replenishers need to prioritize their work?
  4. How merchandisers/ replenishers work (replenishing the shelves) can be tracked?

Key advantages of the solution:
  • Improve sales (from 1% to 3%) and have more productivity: Focusing on replenishing items that the customers are looking for, but are not available on the shelf !
  • With daily alerts: know, in the morning, which items are available in the backroom but are not selling because they are not available on the shelf = more focus and direction to merchandisers and replenishers!  
  • Visibility of On Shelf Availability KPIs and where the challenge is bigger. 
  • Management Reports that allow users to: (i) Monitor if the products are being replenished at stores shelves, (ii) Identify if there is a probability of phantom inventory and (iii) Identify where and when extra inventory is needed to be sent to stores 

This solution is only available in Portuguese

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