Benivo Unified Mobility Solution


An end-to-end digital solution for all your Global Mobility needs.

The Benivo platform enables global mobility managers, HRBPs, relocating employees, and vendors to operate more effectively through a single end-to-end platform. It eliminates duplicate data entry requirements, integrates to the immigration, tax, relocation and HRIS tech stack, gives self-serve workflows with integrated digital signature, is fully customizable per employee and per policy, serving to manage each parties expectations and deliver everyone a single platform to operate from.

Workflow Automation
Eliminate repetitive work, reduce mistakes, avoid data entry duplication and deliver a solution that can scale up or down depending on the business needs. Benivo integrates with all of your providers and systems at no cost - tax, immigration, data providers, relocation, DSPs and most importantly -- your HCM system.
Take Control of your Data

All data on a single, secure unified platform:

✔ HR Platform

✔ Employee Platform

✔ Vendor Platforms

✔ Consolidated Reporting

✔ Centralized Analytics

✔ Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Hold Vendors Accountable with SLA Tracking
SLA tracking is the only way to fix broken processes in real-time, and take action on something going wrong rather than apologize after the fact.
Identify Issues Before they Escalate
Predictive analytics can be used to improve the experience. Access to the data helps identify issues before the employee even knows there’s a problem, and it allows the business to make adjustments along the way. Having access to real time data is a game changer.
The Only Solution for Mobility Supply Chain Cybersecurity
We mask the employees' personal data so vendors and employees can continue to operate as normal. So even when a data breach happens (anywhere in the supply chain), it’s not the real data that is exposed. This reduces the risk by 97%
Free Technology. No Global Mobility Tools Budget Required
Benivo charges a fee per employee who relocates - and that's it. No set-up fees, no unlimited customization fees, change fees, cost estimate fees, maintenance fees or recurring fees that need to be paid by the Global Mobility team budget. You get 3 in 1. A platform for employees, a platform for Global Mobility teams, and a vendor management platform. The platform for the employee delivers relocation support, is paid by the business, and you get the Global Mobility Management and vendor platforms for free.
Trackable, Customizable, Digital Briefings for Employees
To achieve better compliance, less exceptions and lower cost, Global Mobility needs a system to deliver information and track receipts, acknowledgement and agreement. Benivo is the platform that allows Global Mobility and HR teams to standardize and scale employee orientation to the Global Mobility process.
A Consumer-Grade Experience for Employees and Global Mobility
The employee experience on Benivo delivers a true one-stop-shop experience — the one and only place they need to go to manage their move end to end.

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