Orbit 3DM

Autor: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Manage, Analyze, and Share Unlimited Volumes of Reality Data

A key process adopting digital twins is maintaining an updated digital context made by a combination of captured reality data such as image-based reality meshes, LiDAR point clouds, digital terrain models, mobile imagery, and GIS sources. This digital context always needs to be up to date so that users can visualize the asset, check status, perform analysis, and generate insights to predict and optimize the performance of their digital twin.

Bentley’s Orbit 3DM applications help owner-operators and engineering companies to:

• MANAGE their high volumes of captured 3D data, coming from a variety of capturing systems over time.

• ANALYZE and update the assets and extract features at the speed of data capturing based on semi and fully automated point cloud detection techniques.

• SHARE the data internally, online to customers and stakeholders, or embedded in any third-party software to support their workflow.

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