On-Demand Mobility Services Platform

Autor: bestmile

Deploy On-Demand Mobility Now!

Bestmile is the intelligent on-demand transportation operating system for automotive OEMs needing to run professional mobility services to embrace the new automotive era and manage the decline of vehicle ownership.

Bestmile's out of the box solution allows OEMs to accelerate the readiness of new mobility services and operate them effectively. Bestmile reduces the cost of R&D and allows OEMs to test viability and performance of disruptive business models prior to launch.

Its proprietary vehicle-agnostic platform combines stochastic optimization with machine learning to deliver the market’s most efficient matching, dispatching and pooling technology for ride hailing, micro transit and robotaxi. Bestmile allows to deploy in weeks, integrates with 3rd parties / APIs and is used by dozens of customers around the world.

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