BTO Enterprise Financial Planning Solution


We bridge the financial advice gap- enabling the effective sale of financial products digitally.

Despite financial institutions investing US$70b into technology in 2021 alone, less than 20% of consumers are confident completing complex banking activities themselves online. As a result, the fastest growing segment of affluent investors are those that use a hybrid approach, engaging both a traditional financial advisor while leveraging a self-directed account.

BTO’s unique hybrid solution allows users and advisors to plan together, or independently, on the same platform, leading to both better engagement and improved sales conversion. People want to play a more active role in planning and securing their future, but current digital solutions are either too simple to provide users with the clarity and confidence they need to take action, or too complex to scale. Digital advice is the missing link in the effective sale of financial products online, giving consumers the control, clarity, and confidence, they need to buy financial products.

BTO's platform dramatically simplifies the process of building a sound and comprehensive financial plan. Users can set-up an initial plan in minutes by simply entering their current financial details. From there, they can drag and drop different goals and dreams into their plan and see for themselves what they need to get there. The tool also provides users with a complete picture of all their finances- from investments, insurance policies, and properties, right down to their monthly living expenses and taxes.

This data-centric approach gives institutions unique insight into their customer’s needs- enabling the design of more relevant products, while providing Wealth Management Specialists and Relationship Managers with the data they need for more personal conversations. Financial institutions, and financial service providers can now walk the path of consumer tech leaders in engaging customers as a segment of one- redefining how financial products are sold for everybody’s benefit.

The result is both better engagement and improved sales conversion- up to 63% of clients were interested in consulting an adviser after using the solution; up to 59% of clients were interested in buying a product; and there was an increase in sales of plus 20%.

The platform's API-based architecture means the solution is ready-to-integrate and rollout quickly, with localisation to new markets taking no more than three months- incorporating local languages, taxes, rules, statistics and more, to assure plans are locally relevant, credible, and compliant. The cloud-based platform has already been deployed in Singapore, the U.S., Switzerland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the UAE.

Powered by BTO’s product, Standard Chartered launched SC Goals Planner, a one-of-a-kind digital wealth management and financial planning solution that provides Standard Chartered customers in Singapore with comprehensive financial planning abilities via the bank’s online banking portal and mobile app.

The award-winning tool was selected as the Malaysia Champion in Zurich’s global Innovation Championships 2020. In 2018, BTO won the Global FinTech Hackcelerator organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS); and the ‘DIAmond Award – Most Innovative Start-up’, at the DIA Conference in Amsterdam. Most recently BTO was selected for the InsurTech NY 2022 final.

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