Betty Blocks Platform

Betty Blocks

The no. 1 No-Code Rapid Application Development Platform

Enable more of your workforce to build applications with the #1 Citizen Development platform for enterprises. Experience the power of Betty Blocks & Azure and build enterprise grade business apps up to 8 times faster. From mobile apps to (customer) portals to back office management and everything in between. The platform’s ease of use supports every size or complexity of your app.

User Interface Builder
Rapidly drag and drop every web page together, just how you like it. From header to form to table and instantly see how it looks on mobile, tablet or desktop as well. Feeling venturous? Combine it with any JS framework - like Angular or Vue.js - for full freedom and flexibility.

Visual modeling
We replaced complex code for a drag-and-drop interface. Process and manage your data easily through visually modeling. Fast, fun and easy with endless possibilities.

(Small) parts of an application can be reused in new applications. Fast developing is great, not developing at all is even better. Plus, you can contribute to the community by offering your part in the block store for others to (re)use it.