Clinicubes CTMS

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An easy-to-use clinical trial management solution for hospitals and small/midsize organizations.

Clinicubes CTMS is a powerful yet simple clinical trial management solution for hospitals, site management organizations and small CROs with focus on budgeting, finance tracking and reporting. It combines advanced features for end-to-end clinical trial management with and intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Some of the key areas being addressed are clinical trial budgets management, monitoring, patients visit reporting and real time financial reporting. Having an intuitive all-in-one solution with centralized reporting saves significant organization resources. Clinicubes provides also a library of pre-built modules, which can be combined and customized to match the needs and specifics of your clinical trial. Enjoy the power of this advanced technology solution, to speed up the study and keep all costs and activities under control.

Key Benefits

Precise budgeting and real time costs monitoring

Clinicubes CTMS is highly focused on finance tracking and reporting and provides you with complete visibility and control on your clinical trial budget.

Site visits and activities reporting

Each research site can report its activities and patient visits securely and on a daily basis. This allows real time study progress monitoring.

Adaptable patient randomization

Clinicubes provides a flexible randomization model, which self-adapts to the study needs, no matter the expected number of subjects or how many covariates will be controlled.

Eliminate complexity

Clinicubes helps you minimize errors, saving you a lot of time and effort, as well as ensures full oversight of trials to keep studies aligned and on time.

Faster and streamlined studies

Streamline study management and automate workflows to avoid errors, speed up the study and keep all activities under control.

Instant start

Our web-based CTMS allows instant implementation into your processes and can adapt quickly to the needs of your clinical trial.

Decreased time-to-market

Decrease time-to-market for your products with our end-to-end CTMS software, which contributes to your study success.

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