Bi4 Approve Hot Seating & Parking

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Seats and park places booking: simple solution for your reservation.

Use your office space efficiently. Thanks to seats booking.
Many modern, progressive companies allow employees to choose which days they will go to the office. Thanks to this model, companies are optimizing the use of their space, a need that was further emphasized by the coronavirus pandemic. However, in order for office sharing to work, a high-quality functional application is necessary. It needs to be convenient, user-friendly, fast and reliable. And just such an application is Bi4 Approve HotSeating.

Bi4 Approve HotSeating allows employees to easily and conveniently book specific seat across a multi-storey building and within a single office. They can choose their seat in advance for a long time, thanks to this each employee has their own table and chair secured on the days that suit them best.

It is a highly effective tool, which allows companies to fully utilize their capacity, and at the same time a number of administrative tasks are eliminated. The application is convenient, easy to use and saves employees’ time and corporate finances.

Application administrators can set the maximum occupancy percentage, which is again advantageous especially at a time when a large number of people should not be associated in one place.

If booking seats in the office is exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

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