Billennium Papperless

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Billennium Paperless is an effective management of information and documents in a company

Billennium Paperless is an ECM platform supporting organizations in effective management of their information and documents, offering technology modules and specialist services which, depending on the objectives of particular optimization projects, may be delivered as a single, integrated solution or independently.

    • Paperless BMP - the main module of the Billennium Paperless platform is intended for the management of business processes. It allows to model business processes and handle them on a daily basis, as well as monitor them with a view to improve them. 
    • Paperless Mailroom – a module aimed at optimizing the operation of teams handling incoming and outgoing correspondence. 
    • Paperless Safe – an electronic document repository module. It supports organizations in terms of managing their document archives.
    • Paperless Move – a module supporting the mobile customer service, used with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. 
    • Paperless signature - a module aimed at eliminating paper from business processes. Application of a handwritten digital (biometric) signature allows replacing paper agreements, applications or orders with their digital equivalents. 
    • Paperless View – the platform's reporting module. It allows an intuitive search for data (and knowledge) related to processes, as well as monitoring of the critical parameters in real time. 
    • Paperless Analysis – the analysis is aimed at diagnosing the current functioning of business processes and the circulation of documents in the company.
    • Paperless Implementation –implementation comprises modelling of dedicated business processes, installation and configuration of the Paperless Modules and their integration with other IT systems.

Benefits of Implementation of Billennium Paperless: Greater business opportunities - well organized business processes not only speed up and improve customer service but also take it to a higher quality level.  Lower management costs - automation of selected  process steps, reduction of document categories, integration with external service providers, elimination of paper from business processes or launching of remote customer service channels are only a few examples of how the optimizations may bring significant reduction of process costs. Process and data safety – Each process and document "flows" through an organization in a controlled way, allowing to create an environment in which easy access to information is combined with data safety, i.e. data may be accessed only by authorized persons. Better company image – Quality and innovation in customer service are the key values in today's world. 

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