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BlackBerry AtHoc


Secure, enterprise-class network-centric mass notification and emergency communication system

AtHoc is a secure, enterprise-class network-centric mass notification and emergency communication system that enables large private and public enterprises to rapidly alert thousands of employees in geographically dispersed buildings and facilities during an emergency.

AtHoc provides:

  •  Personnel protection: Mass dissemination of alerts across multiple channels, accelerating threat response
  •  Personnel recall: Rapid communication to off-facility personnel to report back to duty
  •  Personnel accountability: Real-time response tracking reports on the status and safety of personnel
  •  Critical communications: Distribution of important corporate information to employees
  •  Regulatory compliance: Alignment with government and commercial emergency management, disaster recovery and continuity planning requirements, including fire and building safety (e.g., NFPA 72 2010 and DoD UFC 04-021-01)

Its interoperability, scalability and security measures have led to its selection by highly demanding defense and commercial organizations including the US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Microsoft, and Contra Costa County.