BindPlane Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring

Autor: Blue Medora

Visualize the entire data center stack’s status & behavior using a single, integrated cloud solution

Blue Medora’s monitoring-integration-as-a-service (MIaaS) BindPlane solution provides unmatched visibility into your data center IT infrastructure by going beyond simple monitoring to real-time observing of computing, load-balancing, storage, and networking functionality. What makes BindPlane such a powerful integrated IT monitoring and optimization tool for data center stacks is the steady stream of dimensional data it generates. BindPlane provides highly-granular behavioral detail and rich relational context far beyond the inflexible flat metrics of traditional single endpoint API connections. This robust monitoring solution enables you to quickly troubleshoot your entire stack and optimize data center performance.

Bindplane agentlessly collects and enhances deep metrics from a wide range of data center technologies and streams insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility within and outside of Azure. Blue Medora’s proprietary universal data language makes this valuable dimensional data stream accessible for advanced analytics, and includes Azure portal dashboards and alerts.

BindPlane provides:
  1. Real-time metrics stream including highly-detailed system behavior data and relational context for complete data center infrastructure transparency and observability
  2. Proprietary universal data language that translates and integrates all metrics to eliminate metrics silos and enable faster troubleshooting
  3. Internal relationship links that provide better metrics for better decision-making
  4. Significant data center maintenance savings through enhanced analysis via dimensional data

Key data center technologies BindPlane supports:

  1. Cisco UCS Central
  2. Cisco UCS Manager
  3. Dell PowerEdge
  5. HPE Servers (iLO)
  6. Lenovo Compute
  2. EMC VNX
  3. EMC ExtremIO
  4. EMC Isilon
  5. NetApp E-Series
  6. NetApp FAS
  7. NetApp Solidfire
  8. HPE 3PAR
  9. Nimble
  10. Cohesity
  11. Pure Storage
Network & Load Balancers
  1. Cisco MDS
  2. Cisco Nexus
  3. Cisco Catalyst
  4. Lenovo Network
  5. Palo Alto Networks
  6. A10 Lightning
  7. A10 Thunder
  8. Citrix NetScaler
  9. F5 BIG-IP
    (Hyper) Converged
  1. Nutanix
  2. Flexpod
  3. NetApp HCI
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