BindPlane Virtualization & Container Monitoring

Autor: Blue Medora

Observe performance & dependencies across virtual architecture & container elements in Azure Monitor

Blue Medora’s monitoring-integration-as-a-service (MIaaS) BindPlane solution provides unmatched visibility into the virtualization and/or orchestrated platform layers of your IT environments by seamlessly integrating monitoring data from technologies like vSphere, Docker, Kubernetes and Pivotal Cloud Foundry to create a single stream of dimensional data. Unlike the disparate data streams and flat metrics of traditional siloed monitoring solutions, the dimensional data generated by BindPlane provides a comprehensive, intelligent view of the entire virtualized environment, putting all monitoring information into relational context.

BindPlane provides valuable insights into resource allocation, virtual server loads, network usage and more, enabling users to actually observe and optimize the virtual environment, not simply monitor it. By agentlessly collecting and enhancing deep metrics from VMs, containers, orchestration and other platform resources, BindPlane delivers performance insights to Azure Monitor for full-stack visibility within and outside of Azure. Blue Medora’s proprietary universal data language makes this valuable dimensional data stream accessible for advanced analytics, and includes Azure portal dashboards and alerts.

BindPlane provides:
  1. Real-time metrics stream including highly-detailed system behavior data and relational context for complete virtualized infrastructure transparency and observability
  2. Proprietary universal data language that translates and integrates all metrics to eliminate metrics silos and enable faster troubleshooting
  3. Internal relationship links that provide better metrics for better decision-making
  4. Significant virtual environment maintenance savings through enhanced analysis via dimensional data

BindPlane supports:

  1. XenApp
  2. XenDesktop
  3. Microsoft Hyper-V
  4. Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  5. VMware vCenter & vSphere
  1. Docker
  2. Kubernetes
  3. Mesos
  4. Docker Swarm
Web Servers
  1. Apache Tomcat
  2. Microsoft IIS
  3. JBoss EAP

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