RPA Bot Migration Assistant to Power Automate

Autor: Blueprint Software Systems Inc.

Quickly & securely migrate existing automation portfolios from other RPA tools into Power Automate

Move RPA Bots to Power Automate Quickly and Efficiently

Looking to take advantage of Microsoft’s evolving RPA capabilities but not sure what to do with your existing bots?

Now you can quickly and securely move automations from other RPA platforms onto Power Automate without putting a significant drain on your internal resources.

How it works:

Blueprint’s end-to-end RPA Migration Assistant software allows you to:

  • Ingest: Ingest information from other RPA platforms. These are then converted and populated into a common object model that can be optimized and exported to PAD.
  • Collaborate: Foster collaboration across departments through greater process transparency.
  • Analytics and Insight: Access detailed information including the complexity of the workflow, mappability to PAD, usage stats on existing workflows, and details on which applications are most commonly used.
  • Export to Microsoft Power Automate: Upload aligned and prioritized business processes in the form of Digital Blueprints directly into PAD to accelerate and scale robot development.
  • Traceability & Impact Analysis: Related constraints like rules, policies, regulations, and attachments are available with a single click, ensuring visibility and context.


As the first and only RPA platform migration assistant, Blueprint allows you to transition to Power Automate for 50%-70% less effort than manual efforts and:

  • Save time and money by automatically migrating bots in a fraction of the time it would take to complete the migration manually
  • Leverage lower cost resources to complete the migration since Blueprint will eliminate the need to fully understand two separate RPA platforms
  • Reduce human-error with automated bot mapping
  • Allow RPA developers to focus on new bots instead of spending time moving existing ones
  • Eliminate “automation downtime” by migrating workflows in stages, allowing you to keep your existing automations running in their original platform for as long as you need

Furthermore, Blueprint’s advanced reporting, dashboard, and governance capabilities allow you to create a holistic approach to repurposing or refactoring your existing bots and processes.

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