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A transparency dashboard for all local governments.

The OpenData transparency dashboard provided by OpenExa enables local governments of all types and sizes to have a transparency dashboard without an entire back-office support team.  Using the OpenData transparency dashboard local governments can show their constituents their performance, progress, and accountability in simple easy to understand charts.  Local governments also have the capability to customize the experience for there users.

For Local Governments across the United States, OpenExa provides a turn-key transparency platform to solve the following. 

The Pain points
  • The high cost of researching, acquiring, maintaining, and providing useful and verified data to the public and Industry.
  • No Universal Standards on Municipal Data (when what and how),  preventing meaningful comparisons and predictions.
  • The high cost of technology, changing standards, and formats.

The Solution 
  • Aggregation of data from multiple public sources leading to turnkey transparency with minimum input and low maintenance cost.
  • Cloud-solution based on Open Data Platform providing standardized machine-readable data to the organizations and the Industry.
  • Award-winning data visualizations and predictive modeling.

The Features
  • Qualified consolidated data available in one place, saving time on research and data entry.
  • Comparative and historical analysis with predictive modeling.
  • Data and Visualizations, downloads, and embedding.
  • Automatic reports generation (ePAFR, IR, Sector Reports) with minimal data entry.

Value Proposition 
A Means to Improving Citizen Trust in Government. Transparency Breeds Self-Correcting Behavior and Public Trust In Government Grows. Openeexa provides the technology platform that enables local governments: 
  • To be open, accountable, and accessible.
  • Ensure Government departments do their best to serve Citizens.
  • Use technology and innovation for a more responsive and efficient government that works for all.

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