Borda Asset Management (Hospital CMMS)

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Beyond classical CMMS with RTLS & ChatGPT including full-featured Maintenance/Calibration Management

Full-featured Maintenance and Calibration Management

Extend asset life by seamlessly scheduling, tracking, and managing the maintenance/calibration process from a single centralized dashboard. Ensure all required activities are planned, assigned to the appropriate technician, and handled on time.

AI-assisted Breakdown Management

Significantly reduce asset downtime by effortlessly managing every stage of breakdown, from opening a work order request to tracking all related operational costs, all in one place. ChatGPT is at the fingertips of technicians providing step-by-step troubleshooting instructions to resolve any breakdowns, accessible through a single click on the mobile application.

Get control. At every stage.

All related departments can track work orders throughout the entire process, from request to completion. With a single click, technicians can open and close work orders. The responsible staff can access a lot of information, such as whether the biomedical technician began working on the task, when repair/maintenance begins, when it is completed, how long the asset is down, and much more.

RTLS Asset Tracking & Utilization

RTLS availability breaks the boundaries of CMMS by instantly providing the real-time location of mobile assets across the hospitals. Technicians are notified about any maintenance or breakdown requests on the go with the real-time location of assets. RTLS can be used to locate mobile assets in seconds, regardless of where they are when patient care is required. Plus, RTLS digitizes asset assignments by sending real-time notifications to hospital staff if an asset under their care is moved to another location. Ultimately, this capability brings significant staff time savings, eliminates the need for time-consuming asset searches, minimizes the waiting time for essential treatments, and more.

Gain visibility into all operational costs

Automatically record all operational costs, such as repair, repair time, and maintenance/calibration costs. This data-driven decision-making process lets you better plan your future investments (repairs, replacements, and new purchases) and reduce asset lifetime costs.

Improve compliance with the regulations

This hospital CMMS can help with regulatory compliance by providing a centralized location for tracking and documenting maintenance activities. This can include keeping records of repairs and preventative maintenance, as well as tracking compliance with regulatory requirements such as Joint Commission standards. This is crucial for patient safety and can help prevent costly penalties and fines.

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