Autor: Bosch

Sound, vibration assessment platform, which facilitates measurement of data across various sources.

Bosch SVENTA is a smart multifaceted tool, which facilitates easy availability of accurate sound and vibration data from any remote location to a central pool of experts. The tool together with its unique AI powered sound based analytics communicates and harnesses a bouquet of Azure-services to provide multiple value propositions to all the stakeholders be it diagnostics, predictive maintenance or OEM production line audit test across the value chain. SVENTA is a mobile-based sound or vibration assessment platform, which facilitates measurement of data with any mobile compatible external industrial and measurement grade sensors. This together with use-case specific customization leveraging the array of Azure services can be used to provide high values to customers in the area of „ Sound data collection and online analysis „ AI assisted data analytics on sound „ Condition monitoring of machines and components „ Assisting field sales and quality engineers. Across all stakeholders and diligent consideration of their individual and highly-specific needs, SVENTA has been equipped with capabilities of addressing below mentioned key points when it comes to consumers, OEM, Field engineers, industrial equipment manufacturers: i. Sound source detection in service centers and production line ii. Equipment downtime in heavy machineries iii. Reducing lead-time for field testing

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