RBEI Trac360Logi

Autor: Bosch

A cloud-based IoT application for real-time tracking and visibility across the logistics network.

Bosch Trac360 is a purpose built IoT platform to enable customers to track and smartly manage products, assets or shipment in real-time, using integrated technologies. The Bosch Trac360 platform offers cross domain, comprehensive IoT applications specifically designed to meet today’s critical need of visibility & traceability, reduced risks and optimized costs.

Trac360Logi is an innovative IoT solution that enables customers to perform real-time tracking of their products and shipments, using integrated technologies like GPS, and Azure IoT Central. This solution runs on open source database, MySQL. Providing end-to-end product traceability and visibility, it increases customer satisfaction, reduces unforeseen costs, retains product shelf life throughout its journey from factory to customer.

Aside from the carrier being monitored using Bosch owned sensor, Transport Data Logger (TDL), there are also IoT-enabled sensors on goods, containers, vehicles, and other aspects of the supply chain. These sensors gather and relay real-time information on status, location, condition, issues, and other factors that contribute to the integrity of shipments from whether a sensitive part was unacceptably shaken to the performance of freight vehicles.

Trac360Logi focuses the following areas:

  • Product traceability 
  • Assisted user experience
  • Transparency
  • Condition monitoring: 
  • Real-time tracking: 
  • Fleet management

From a user interface point-of-view, Trac360Logi integrates with the Azure Cloud and IoT central to display intuitive dashboards that provide the insights necessary to make smarter decisions from logistics planning to inventory levels, choice of carriers, and shipment schedules. Real-time alerts and notifications provide the information necessary to quickly respond to issues. To protect sensitive information, access can be defined by role.

Trac360Logi simplifies communication between planners, logistics workforce, warehouse personnel, and others across the logistics journey.

Finally, the level of tracking and tracing offered by Trac360Logi makes it possible to continuously monitor the condition of vehicles and their shipment.

When issues are detected, alerts or notifications can be sent to maintenance teams or a specific technician or mechanic to address the carrier or product related issues.

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