Bounce Together Ltd

A solution to help schools measure and monitor the wellbeing of their whole school community.

A platform designed specifically for schools to help them measure the wellbeing and mental health of their whole school community.


  • Automatically summarised reports
  • Over 35 validated questionnaires
  • Unlimited online surveys
  • School Management System Integration
  • Single-Sign-On with Google and Microsoft
  • Create your own questions
  • Real-time analysis
  • Parental Engagement
  • Data export


  • Automatically collates data for you
  • Instantaneous visibility to results, enabling you to intervene early
  • Pre-populated with questionnaires designed for schools
  • Identify the wellbeing challenges your pupils are facing
  • Easily assess the wellbeing of your whole school community
  • View results right down to the individual layer
  • Quickly compare year groups and key demographics
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