INSPECT - Quality inspection management

Autor: Boyum IT Solutions A/S

Quality Control, inspection operation, data collection

Inspect is a lean cloud Quality Control application that enables quality managers to plan, automate and delegate work, and helps inspectors to run tests and record results. Focused on specific business roles, and the issues and needs that these employees face, Inspect improves the productivity of quality departments and helps them to make better decisions by automating inspection operations, streamlining data collection on the shop floor, and responding to results in real time.

Inspect is composed up of 2 separate Quality Control applications that enable quality managers and inspectors to work seamlessly together. Inspect Manager and Inspect Operator.



  • Definition of test scenarios and quality objectives
  • Ensuring and documenting tests
  • Managing and releasing inspection plans
  • Monitoring inspection orders and tracking progress and quality trends


  • Execution of inspection samples and tests
  • Collect quality data effortlessly
  • Use reporting tools to communicate and resolve issues with your manager


  • Achieve the best balance between quality and costs.
  • Get a clear, paperless overview of the work with shop floor data collection for processing inspection steps and completing inspection orders.
  • Flawless production processes without delays due to poor-quality raw materials.
  • Immediate insights into inspection activities.
  • Monitor inspection progresses, check quality results.


Multi-language (English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, and Chinese)


Inspect Manager

  • Subscription Model starting from 3 months
  • Pricing per user on monthly basis

Inspect Operator

  • At least 1 Inspect Manager license
  • Subscription Model starting from 3 months
  • Pricing per user on monthly basis

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