Essential Brobot

Autor: brainless AB

Are you looking for a bot that can answer more than 90% of your customers’ questions? Would you be h

Or simply get real data on what a bot does and what is required of your team? Or are you just looking for test driving a digital colleague – because it is the future?

That companies that manage to help their customers 24/7/365 while adapting its services to the customer's preferences will have a competitive advantage is hardly a topic to discuss. The sooner you can learn how a digital conversation with customers works and gets good, the faster you get the competitive side. Brainless Slim Standard Bot is a platform that can help you get started that process making it quick and easy!

Brainless has worked hard to keep the cost of this package down, as we want everyone to be able to test. That means we removed some features, but you still get a real "brobot" – a bot that can show emotions, vary its language, manage a few simple conversations and answer any questions you taught it.

After some time, when you can see what users primarily are asking for it will be easy to assess where to make further investments and what features will provide most value – for you as well as for customers. And brainless will be there to assist you – of course. We love nice and friendly bots.

The package includes:

  • Bot configuration: A bot that answers the questions you taught it. (Normal FAQ functionality supported by advanced search capabilities)
  • Dialogs to manage greetings, discover disappointed customers, email customer service with questions the bot does not answer
  • 1/2h walk-trough of how to manage the bot skills, e.g. on Skype to get you started on how to continuously improve the bot
  • Import your first batch of questions and answers
  • Logging all customer questions

Be up and running in a few days

  1. Choose your avatar. There are just a few simple things for you to do; select which avatar to use, provide us with a mail address to customer service and choose a name for your bot
  2. Send us your FAQ. Upon receiving your order, we will set up the bot. Your initial FAQ will be imported, and the bot trained with the answers. From this point you can take over
  3. Introduction. We meet online, e.g. on skype-where we spend ½h going through how to teach the bot new things and improve precision. After that you’re up and running!

Tech details

  • FAQ bot, where you easily add or change information
  • Configurable mood avatars for each answer. Seven expressions included.
  • Categorize answers to enable showing one or multiple responses
  • Log of all questions and answers
  • Varied language in the bot dialogs
  • Understands request for help and transfers the customer mail or live chat
  • Sits in an iframe on your web page

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