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Consistent email signatures, banners, and surveys for Microsoft Outlook 365 across all devices

BrandMail, developed by BrandQuantum, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook to empower every employee in the organization to automatically create consistently branded emails via a single toolbar that provides access to brand standards and the latest pre-approved content. Centrally managed, tamper-proof email signatures, email banners, content, mailers, and surveys in Outlook with no email reroutes for optimal security. BrandMail Web provides an add-in for Outlook on the web, and BrandMail Lite is a mail flow solution requiring no installation. Full analytics and reporting. Compatible with Outlook desktop (2010 to Microsoft 365), Microsoft 365 for web, the new Outlook Preview, Mac, and all mobile devices. Around-the-clock user and VIP admin support. More than 60 languages fully supported.

BrandMail delivers:

  • Consistently branded emails across email platforms
  • Tamper proof email signatures appear consistent across all mail clients
  • QR code-enabled digital business cards (BrandMe pages) for easy contact card download
  • Brand resources such as brochures, price lists and links accessible inside Outlook
  • Mail templates and mail campaign features in Outlook improve operational efficiency
  • Centrally manage email signatures, banners, surveys, and polls for multiple brands, divisions, and departments
  • BrandMail desktop and BrandMail Web seamlessly integrate with Outlook with no email reroutes
  • BrandMail Lite offers a secure mail reroute option via Microsoft 365 which is also mobile and tablet ready and easily integrates with third-party systems
  • Cloud administration via Microsoft Azure ensures security, compliance, and integrity
  • SOC TSP, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 compliant

BrandMail is for organizations who take their branding and brand security seriously. We create a 100% brand compliant signature that is “on brand” no matter what email client or device it is seen on. Stringent security, encryption, MFA and a robust architecture for complete data integrity and security. Centralized cloud-based management in Microsoft Azure ensures ease of brand and content management. User management and signature metadata is seamlessly managed through AAD integration.

Each user has their own digital BrandMe page or business card with QR code for additional verification. Access to content snippets, mailers and brand resources sets BrandMail apart, providing not just consistent branding but operational efficiencies for all end users. Our platform is robust and enterprise ready and provides detailed analytics and reporting. Customer service and support is at the heart of how we do business, and all admin and end-user support is included in our licensing.

Recent accolades:

  • #1 Email signature software (Gartner, 2023)
  • #1 Best Meets Requirements (G2, 2023)
  • #1 Analytics Tracking (G2, 2023)
  • #1 Banner Advertising (G2, 2023)
  • #1 Designed Templates (G2, 2023)
  • #1 Best Support (G2, 2023)
  • #1 Easiest to Use (G2, 2023)

Top represented industries:

  • Banking, insurance, financial services, capital markets
  • Information technology and services
  • Legal, consulting and professional services
  • Leisure, travel and property
  • Healthcare, medical insurance, equipment and services
  • Energy, renewables, mining, oil and gas

  • Educational institutions: elementary through to tertiary
  • NGOs

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