BrandOffice Brand Aligned Document Generation

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Automate and centralize document branding and content for Word, Excel & PowerPoint for Microsoft 365

BrandOffice, developed by BrandQuantum, is a cloud based add-on application for the generation of documents created within the MS Office suite (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint) that ensures that all branding, formatting and corporate identity specifications are automatically applied uniformly across all business documents. In addition, BrandOffice addresses brand management, document management, business compliance and risk issues and ensures all employees within an organisation work efficiently and effectively and produce brand and business compliant communications and content, no matter where in the world, they may be.

  • Consistently branded documentation
  • Business compliant communications every time
  • Empowered staff that deliver consistent brand experiences
  • Ease of use through seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Cloud based platform allows brand compliance and brand integrity from anywhere at anytime
  • Saves valuable time and resources while delivering a consistent brand
  • Improved customer experiences which drive the bottom line

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