Braspag Pagador

Autor: Braspag

Braspag's Pagador is a Brazilian first-rate payment gateway solution that operates all across Latam

Sell more with Braspag's Pagador, the Latin America leading company in payment conversion.

Braspag offers a complete solution for your e-commerce: Online Payments, Risk Management, Reconciliation and a wide range of Checkout and Marketplace solutions.

We securely connect your store to +100 payment methods so you can make your operations even more efficient and reliable.

Braspag's Pagador is the most secure and scalable payment gateway solution to operate in Brazil, PCI-DSS 3.2 Compliant, running on Azure datacenters in Brazil and in the US.

Our features includes:

- Payment methods: Boleto, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfers, Digital Wallets (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay)
- Refund, Recurrent transactions and 1-click buy
- Card Tokenizations
- Multiacquirer routing
- Integrated fraud analysis tools
- 3DS 2.0 support
- Easy integration using REST APIs
- Real time monitoring, 24x7x365
- Supports more than 170 currencies

** This app is only available in brazilian portuguese (PT-BR).

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