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Microbreaks for the Modern Workday

Research proves your brain needs breaks.
Breakthru is microbreaks for the modern workday, a guided system of two-minute immersive movement and breathing breaks that boost mental and physical health – backed by science. Fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Breakthru breaks are easy and accessible in the flow of the workday.

Breakthru protects against the negative health impact of sedentary behavior for desk workers, and fosters proprioception (body awareness) for front line employees. Breakthru is scientifically proven to increase engagement, improve focus and foster connection, while reducing burnout.

The Breakthru experience is unique because ​it’s powered by AI and spatial computing. Every microbreak feels different, ​with new content published monthly. Use Breakthru individually, as a team, or in group meetings.

With Breakthru you can set custom reminders, choose the moods you would like to feel after your break: confident joyful, energized and centered.

Set team challenges, send appreciation to a colleague by gifting them a break, use Breakthru as an ice breaker in meetings and training sessions, track your history, win streaks, and unlock new breaks over time. ​​

Breaks can provide powerful organization wide impact in 2-min moments. Give your team the encouragement and permission to take microbreaks. Watch how their gratitude and engagement grows, right in tandem with their productivity, and their ability to do deep work.

Breakthru is for all ages. In use in over 45,000 organizations, and 72 countries.

Breakthru provides low cost enterprise pricing, and flexible licensing models. To learn more please inquire here:

  • As a leader, use Breakthru with your team in meetings and in chats and channels, to build morale and team energy, to counter burnout, and to guide your team to a healthy break taking practice.
  • As IT, include Breakthru in your tools, in Teams and Office, to design a modern workspace where workers are able to focus, be productive, and shift tasks effectively. Offer it as an integration in meetings, and a sharable tool in Teams.
  • As a Head of Health and Safety, use Breakthru with your employees to guard against repetitive stress injuries, and to reduce safety incidents in front line workers.
  • As a Trainer, use Breakthru in your on line training sessions, to increase engagement, and get people energized and ready to learn.
  • Culture and Experience leaders: Use Breakthru company wide to show your employees that you care, that healthy breaks thorough out the day are expected and encouraged, to create a culture of mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Teachers, use Breakthru in your classroom, to help kids develop a healthy break taking practice, to counter anxiety and get kids ready to learn.
  • For you, use Breakthru to gain focus, clear your head, get ready for the next event.

Breakthru can be deployed within a day, is intuitive to learn, and easy to launch. Breakthru is Microsoft 365 Certified, and is fully housed on Azure.It is free forever to schools.

User Quotes:​“It's like a mini vacation on your computer.” "I think two minute is bite size. It's ideal for the workaholic, its ideal for every job title within a company" "I love the colors and I love all the sounds... the bird song or the water and it just really takes you to a different place." "“I love about this, it feels customized and tailored. It feels like when I go here, you know me. There's no judgment.”"“Since I started using it regularly, my neck doesn't hurt as bad for sure. It just gives you more motivation to move in general.”

“Our new ways of working are making us all more sedentary with video call after video call, with Breakthru little by little we encourage more breaks to get us all moving, stretching and breathing.”​John McGhie Head of Collaboration Services, NHS England​

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