Air Quality Sensors & Analytics

Autor: Breeze Technologies UG

Low-cost air quality sensors to gather hyperlocal data & AI-powered clean air action recommendations

Breeze Technologies deploys lower-cost air quality sensors in smart cities to gather hyperlocal air quality insights. Based on this data, tailored advice for the most efficient and effective clean air actions can be given out of a catalogue of 3,500 solutions. The offer contains:
  • Lower-cost air quality sensors
  • A cloud-based analytics software to calibrate, process, aggregate and analyse the data in real-time
  • APIs to integrate air quality data into other smart city applications
  • Targeted clean air action recommendations

Customer pain and unique advantage of this solution:
Traditional air quality sensing solutions are big, bulky and highly expensive. Data is often not available in real-time, leading to delays in targeted clean air action. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things built on the Azure cloud, Breeze Technologies supports you to deploy lower-cost air quality sensors throughout your urban environment. Data is checked and calibrated in real-time, reaching accuracy levels of traditional monitoring solutions. Based on this data, targeted clean air actions can be implemented.

Who benefits from this solution:
  • Municipal environmental department
  • Mayor's office
  • Smart city agency

Your next step:
Contact us to talk about benefits, your specific requirements and the next steps towards a healthier and more livable city.

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