Nettprotect Vulnerability Scanning

Autor: BUI (Pty) Ltd

Our App provides continuous insight into your global security with visibility across all IT assets.

Our vulnerability scanning appliances provide continuous visibility. Remotely deployable, centrally managed and self-updating, the sensors come as virtual appliances.

Pricing is based on your vulnerability exposure – measured by the number of IP addresses you choose to Nettprotect

The Nettprotect combined with the power of Microsoft Azure App Service will give your Website or Application the following benefits:

* Vulnerability Scanning
* Scans Connected IP Assets
* Executive Security Posture Overview
* Scans all connected Network Environments
* Critical Flaw Alerting
* Branded Email Reports
* Allows you to offer value added services to your clients
* Continuous Vulnerability Analysis

* Critical and Exploitable Vulnerability Report
* Monthly Executive Report
* Remediation Instructions Report

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