Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W) – Bioresource Systems


Unlock the potential of the opportunistic and challenging Bioresources Industry and Market.

Unlock the potential of the dynamic and challenging bioresources industry and market with Decisio™ Cloud for Water (C4W) – Bioresource Systems.

As utilities face the challenges of population growth, tightening environmental regulations and net zero, our innovative Digital Business Twin offers a comprehensive planning solution, covering strategic, tactical, and operational bioresource systems planning.

The platform allows you to fully understand the intricate web of processes between transport, treatment, resource recovery, energy generation, disposal and recycling elements using a whole system approach together with mass scenario analysis and adaptive planning capabilities.

Use our intuitive platform to:

  • Optimise financial, operational and asset performance and resilience, based on a range of strategic investment scenarios within a set of defined constraints or opportunities, such as:
- Net Zero glidepaths
- Reduction in landbank availability
- Regulatory changes
- Climate change and population growth
- Others
  • Recommend type, size, and timing of investment interventions.
  • Understand when a new technology becomes cost beneficial at a certain point in the future.
  • Provide long term visibility of context and decision making.
  • Support operational systems planning to achieve increased efficiency, energy production and resilience in the event of critical asset unavailability.
  • Guide tactical budgets, sludge production forecasts and optimal sequence of maintenance interventions.
  • Enhance market planning to identify cross-regional, and national, trading and investment opportunities.

With Decisio™ C4W – Bioresource Systems, you can lead the way in bioresource planning and management.

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