Butlr People Sensing Platform

Autor: Butlr Technologies Inc

An API-first occupancy sensing solution for space and operations management.

Butlr’s People Sensing Platform provides occupancy and indoor traffic data, enabling companies around the world to make data-driven decisions around space management and operations.

Employers use Butlr technology to create supportive and collaborative work environments. Commercial real estate professionals use Butlr technology for private and accurate insights on office usage to offer flexible leasing options while executing a smart building strategy featuring more energy efficient properties with a lower carbon footprint.

For senior care in assisted living facilities and to help people age in place, Butlr technology understands movement in a space and flags unusual activity such as falls. Along with supporting seniors in a dignified manner, without the need for intrusive cameras or wristbands, Butlr also helps facilities close staffing gaps and adhere to compliance requirements.

How it works

Through its thermal sensors, Butlr translates heat into human presence. Low-resolution thermal sensing makes the Butlr hardware 100% identity-agnostic and private. The sensors are wireless and can be magnetically installed, simplifying an otherwise complicated installation process, and significantly cutting down its cost.

The data captured by the sensors can be consumed either directly through Butlr’s API or through an analytics platform provided by one of Butlr's worldwide partners. Butlr also offers a basic dashboard for customers to get a glimpse of the power of spatial insights as they are getting started.

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