C3 AI Ex Machina


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C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to generate actionable AI insights without writing code

C3 AI Ex Machina is a complete, no-code AI product that enables individuals, teams, and enterprises to:

  • Rapidly and flexibly access and prep petabytes of disparate data with prebuilt connectors to data sources such as Snowflake, S3, ADLS, Databricks, and more.
  • Build and manage AI models without writing code using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface supported by powerful AutoML.
  • Drive company-wide results by seamlessly publishing predictive insights to enterprise systems or custom business applications.
  • Scale cloud resources to meet needs in a modern, cloud-native application while only paying for resources used.
  • Grow with confidence by integrating and expanding on the C3 AI Suite, the platform that powers billions of AI predictions for the world’s largest companies.

C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to generate and act on AI insights and to play a role in the increasing digitization of company operations. The application allows users to solve a limitless range of complex use cases, including customer churn prevention, supplier delay mitigation, asset reliability prediction, and fraud detection – all supported by the robust enterprise AI capabilities of the underlying C3 AI Suite.

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