Autor: C3IT Software Solutions

NoCode Process and Workflow Automation promoting Time, Geo location, Identity and Device compliance

Proceso offers everything you need for an efficient operation and a connected workforce.  Digitize your operations and capture evidence of task completion with enforced Time, Location, Identity and Device compliance. Reach, engage and align your workforce with this mobile-first flexible platform. Proceso works on all devices with a Teams App as the front end.  
Proceso is offered on an annual Subscription model. There is a one time one-boarding fee that includes training and support for configuring the solution. 
Proceso requires an Azure subscription with Microsoft Teams. For Enterprise and Corporate Customers who wish to deploy the modules on their tenant, this option is available and the deployment cost is included in the one time setup fee. For SMB Customers, we offer all an inclusive fee with a hosted service on Azure. 
Process redefines & raises the bar for operational efficiency and compliance through intelligent process automation. It is specifically designed for businesses that rely on frontline workers for their daily operations by automating routine tasks, approvals or more. It promotes self- audits taking away the need for inspections; enforcing location and identity compliance for evidence capture.  
“Improve SLAs by automating daily approvals, that pass-through various levels of your organizational hierarchy. Real-time insights delivered through interactive dashboards help you ensure compliance and timely escalations”

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