AI-Powered Voice Agent

Autor: calldesk

Automate repetitive phone calls. Simply.

Upgrade your contact center with AI-powered voice agents offering the best always-on call experience. 

Answer your customer's repetitive requests, 24/7, with no waiting time, and free up thousand of hours for your team.

What can you do with voice conversational AI?

  • Answer every phone call by handling millions of calls in more than 50 languages
  • Increase your customer satisfaction by making your call center available 24/7, without any hold time
  • Free up your agent's time by automating up to 50% of incoming calls, focus on the high-value ones
  • Offer a smooth call experience by talking to a conversational agent is as natural as to a human
  • Streamline your operator workload by letting the conversational AI automatically absorb load peaks
  • Build an agile customer service by customizing your conversational AI in an instant with our studio app

What are its key benefits?

🗣 Conversational AI is a true virtual agent

Our conversational agents exchange with your customers in natural language in order to understand their question and automatically provide the appropriate answer

🚀 Customer satisfaction increases by +10%
It is now possible to satisfy callers and enjoy productivity gains. Our voice agents provide a dependable and hiccup-free call experience to your customers​

⏱ Crazy fast time to production
Evolve your customer relations with a dedicated calldesk customer success team that provides day-to-day support, from project kickoff to general deployment in production​

🕹 Tailor-made use cases
Deploy an effective conversational AI that meets your challenges in days, not months. Our voice agents are pre-trained to understand your callers’ demands thanks to millions of real life conversations​

Who is conversational AI for? 

30+ top tier companies in UK, France, Spain and Nederlands are trusting calldesk to handle millions of their customer's phone calls every year. 

If your company receives >50.000 calls per year, you too can benefit from conversational AI.

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