Striveworks Chariot MLOps Platform

Autor: Carahsoft Technology Corporation

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Striveworks’ MLOps platform, Chariot, provides model scaffolding that breaks from commoditized model management and empowers data practitioners through every stage of model lifecycle management.

Whether starting from scratch or an existing model, Chariot enables data practitioners to develop, deploy, share, monitor, and remediate models with speed, precision, and full auditability—all within a no-code interface—providing users “the data science process as code.”

Unlike other MLOps platforms, Chariot has extensively integrated role-based access control (RBAC) measures for data and projects to account for both federated teams and dataset restrictions.

Chariot is built with an open architecture eventing system, microservices with open APIs, and it uses open source standards for datastores and models, intentionally designed to enable three integration levels:

1. Platform level integrations with GOTS or COTS intelligence and C2 programs

2. Service level integrations for enhanced MLOps capabilities

3. Data or model import.

Chariot is currently deployed on unclass, secret, and top secret govcloud and on-prem infrastructure bringing the platform to the data.

Within the platform, practitioners can train, retrain, deploy, monitor, and remediate models that can be used by organizations to improve situational awareness, implement predictive maintenance, discern critical safety failures, track the spread of cybersecurity threats, and streamline business processes.

*Please note: The EULA listed applies to government customers only. There is a separate EULA for commercial customers upon request.

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