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A platform used to optimise businesses that need accurate and robust time-series predictions

causaLens is on a mission to devise Causal AI, pioneering a completely new approach to time-series prediction. Our enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is used to transform and optimise businesses that need accurate and robust predictions – including significant businesses in finance, IoT, and telecoms. The platform also includes capabilities such as autonomous data cleaning and searching, autonomous model discovery and end-to-end streaming productization. The use of our platform directly results in increased revenue and reduced costs for our customers.

causaLens received multiple awards and citations in the recent years in support of our proprietary technology, having won "Best Investment in Deeptech" award by the UK Business Angels Association awards, “Best Deeptech Company” by Artificial Intelligence Awards and being listed among "The UK’s Most Exciting AI Startups Race To Scale" by Forbes to name a few citations in the most prestigious news sources in the industry.

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