AI Tutor - Teaching Assistant

Autor: Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI in Education

Introducing AI Teaching Assistant, a cutting-edge AI-powered tutor set to revolutionize education for students, teachers, and parents. AI-Tutor ushers in the era of Education 4.0 with an array of remarkable features. It offers personalized learning and adaptive instruction, tailoring guidance to each student's unique pace and interests. Teachers benefit from real-time feedback and assessment tools, powered by OpenAI, simplifying exam creation and grading. Gamification techniques make learning enjoyable through interactive games. We introduce the RUOC Learning System, a unique scoring approach based on GPT-4 to assess students. Our user-friendly analytics dashboard allows close monitoring of student performance, and AI-Tutor offers flexibility and accessibility across devices. As demand grows, our tutoring services scale effortlessly while maintaining the highest quality, ensuring consistent guidance for all learners. With AI-Tutor, we're committed to revolutionizing education and making learning a joyous journey for everyone involved. Join us in empowering the future generation with personalized and impactful education.

Key KPI's
  • Personalized, Self-paced Learning
  • Adaptive content creation
  • Intelligent & Automated assessment and feedback
  • Early Intervention and support
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Skill and Behavioral Development

Key Features
  • Buddy Match
  • Dialogue-based tutoring systems
  • AI Driven Skill Passport
  • Learner Retention
  • Track Progress
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Course Access
  • Discussion Forums

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