Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud


The Intelligent Business Cloud puts the power of Process Mining technology at your fingertips.

Celonis is the leader in Enterprise Performance Acceleration software, harnessing the power of Process Mining technology to help organizations remove operational friction and become a Superfluid Enterprise. Celonis has disrupted the traditional approach to business transformation, which has been a manual, time-consuming, expensive, consultant-driven approach to process optimization. Top global enterprises can no longer afford to use questionable data or static dashboards to create efficiencies. They are now adding an intelligent layer that pulls data from event logs in underlying operational systems to show how processes are flowing within a company — across departments, geographies, and disparate operational systems. The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud enables a transformational “discover-enhance-monitor” approach. It discovers root causes of friction in business processes, enhances those processes with AI-driven actions that proactively reduce and prevent friction, and continuously monitors improvements with unique process visualizations. By providing signals and “next best action” recommendations for every person involved in the process, Celonis engages people in operational transformation. Celonis Accelerators deliver even faster results with pre-built applications designed for specific business use cases. They discover friction points in real time and produce signals when processes can be optimized for specific business outcomes, creating more intelligent, Superfluid operations. Celonis feels so strongly about the power of Process Mining technology and process-driven transformation that it developed a version of the product — Celonis Snap — that is available to everyone, for free. Founded in Munich, Germany in 2011 and valuated at over $1 billion, Celonis received $27.6M Series A in June 2016 and $50M Series B funding in June 2018 from investors Accel and 83 North. Companies around the world, including Siemens, L’Oréal, Uber, Citi, Airbus, and Vodafone, rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change, turning business processes into extraordinary experiences and resulting in millions of dollars saved.
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