CGI HotScan360

Autor: CGI IT Czech Republic s.r.o.

Compliance & Anti-Financial Crime platform

CGI HotScan360 is a Compliance & Anti-Financial Crime platform covering Know Your Customer, Fraud Prevention and Detection,
Transaction Monitoring, as well as Payment Filtering and Case Management.
With CGI HotScan360, companies are able to scan all bulk and real-time transactions; achieve regulatory compliance
of sanctions screening and watch lists; eliminate fraud by endpoint, sessions, behaviour and big-data analysis; and perform
the scoring of new customers and the re-scoring of existing customer profiles.
Fully configurable business rules are regularly recommended to be enhanced by artificial intelligence. Incidents are investigated
according to a predefined compliance workflow. A wide range of audit reports for internal operational purposes or regulatory purposes
are also provided. HotScan360 is a modular platform, fully scalable, cloud ready and is supporting various integration scenarios.

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