Cityway Manett Microtransit Management Solution

Autor: Cityway

Helps Public Transport Authorities to create and improve Mobility On-Demand operations

Today microtransit is one of the essential solutions in the provision and management of public transportation. It optimizes transit services, solves the issue of transportation in sparsely populated zones, facilitates access to destinations during off-peak hours and develops the use of public transportation.

Cityway digitalises microtransit, making it even easier to optimize and monitor, and offering passengers the digital comfort they need when they use it, thanks to a dedicated mobile app.
The Manett-microtransit management solution is an all-in-one digital solution which helps you to create, manage, operate and optimize all types of Mobility on Demand (MOD) : stop to stop, address to address with paratransit passengers, virtual and flexible lines.

The Manett-microtransit management solution is made up of tools dedicated to all the users of the service: riders, drivers, operators and call centers. These tools are interfaced in real time and therefore share information immediately and consistently.

Our solution includes apps and/or a website and a back office:
Travelers: app and/or website
Drivers: app
Client: web-based back office
Call center agents: an optional module to take bookings over the phone is available.

Our clients have placed their trust in us on their 75 MOD projects and we thank them for their support.​

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