Atlas Extranet & External Portal for Microsoft Teams

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Atlas extranet - customer, vendor, joint venture or partner portal for Microsoft Teams and M365

Build relationships. Share knowledge. Increase revenue.

You already have Microsoft 365, but are you taking advantage of the powerful capabilities and the generous amount of free guest licenses, to create an engaging and productive collaboration experience with external parties?
Atlas Extranet transforms the way your team works and communicates with customers, partners, joint ventures and suppliers.

With access to external parties typically restricted by IT, email is still a primary means of communication. And yet, it’s unsecure, limited in capacity and often an easy way to lose track of important information. Instead, Atlas Extranet brings everything together in an engaging, user-friendly shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files and work with external users.

How does Atlas Extranet enhance Microsoft 365?

Self-Service Setup

Simpler and faster setup through Atlas ConneX, our wizard-driven provisioning tool. Atlas ConneX enables more people across the organisation to easily do what they need, backed by a powerful governance framework.


Atlas My Connex is a visual dashboard that allows you to easily keep track of different levels of access for users inside and outside your company. My ConneX also improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams.


Atlas collates information that is normally in separate silos from Microsoft 365 such as documents, external insights, Yammer conversations, Teams chat and more.

Collaboration Workspace

Whether across multiple divisions or smaller project teams, Atlas workspaces are highly versatile and cater for modern collaborative working practices.

User experience

Create a great user experience with a well-designed landing page to relevant content for the organisation, your clients, partners or suppliers. The Atlas Extranet home page contains workspaces, knowledge areas, news, events and more.

Industry-specific requirements

Atlas caters for industry-specific requirements from law firms collaborating on case materials, to construction and engineering firms collaborating on joint ventures, to corporate development deal rooms.

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