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Eliminate the desktop, use any browser to launch all your applications.

Embrace digital transformation; move away from the desktop and into the cloud. Launchpad 365 enables end-users to launch all their apps from any browser on any device. The next generation workspace that enhances productivity and your end-user experience through Single Sign On, Live Tiles with real time notifications, and Bring Your Own Identity features.

Launch all your apps from a secure browser based workspace.

Easily integrate Office 365, UC apps and any of the other 10,000+ cloud applications. Integrate any legacy application through our RDP to HTML translator. Move away from data on endpoints and desktop management, enhance security with Isolated Browser as a Service to access the internet separate from classified end-user desktops and networks.

Enrich your Office 365 offering

Launchpad 365 allows MSPs/CSPs to enrich their Office 365 and secure communications offering by customizing end-user experience, integrating their applications, managing their profiles and offering the workspace of the future.

To use Launchpad 365 and benefit from all the features an Office365 subscription is necessary!

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