Smart Agriculture Solutions Based on IoT and Data Analytics


Smart Agriculture Solutions

It is evident that the agriculture industry is facing several challenges today, such as increasing demand for food, stuttering production, and shrinking resources, however, Click2Cloud believes that the rapid advancement of technologies can effectively overcome these issues.

Click2Cloud has devised Smart Agriculture Solutions in collaboration with Microsoft Azure, leveraging its agro-domain expertise and competencies in IoT and Data Analytics.

IoT in Smart Agri is the future of precision farming. Our Smart Agriculture Solutions include automated and improved farming techniques as well as remote monitoring and management allowing the supervision of fields and farms by collecting data like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, water level, pH level, and soil chemical composition through IoT sensors, drones, and satellites to enhance decision-making and get real-time updates with a touch of the screen.

Data collected via sensors is processed through an analytics platform and is displayed in the farmer's user application to assist in farming practices such as seeding, irrigation, and harvesting.

We at click2cloud provide analytics-driven insights to farmers and agribusinesses across their value chains to make farming sustainable and profitable. With these Smart Agri Solutions, they can control all their crops, save time and money, and receive forecasts of the different variables that affect their crops via custom alarms on their mobile devices. Thus, they become able to increase crop yields, reduce their environmental footprint, and feed billions of people, which can reduce famine risks.

Make your farm more profitable and sustainable with Click2Cloud's proposed solution for Smart Agriculture based on IoT and Data Analytics. Get started with Click2Cloud today!

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