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Operations management platform that uses AI to intelligently distribute activities and cases

Operations management platform that uses AI to intelligently distribute activities (Integrated Case Management Software)


Organizations are increasingly pressured to ensure a balance between operations efficiency and effectiveness to achieve their goals. Effective distribution of tasks – the most important task, to the most skilled employee available, at the right time - is one of the biggest challenges for many departments and service providers.

Digital Transformation initiatives, changing priorities in real-time, efficient SLA management, fast evolving business rules, capacity planning, performance analysis, resources optimization, growing backlog and growing customers’ expectations regarding the quality of service are some examples of today’s challenges. 


Evalyze is an operations management platform that orchestrates intelligently the distribution, prioritization and monitorization of the flow of activities that reach your operations.

It boosts productivity up to 30% within the first month.

The results are achieved through Artificial Intelligence algorithms that consider SLA’s, AHT (Average Handle Time), customers’ score, skills and operator’s availability and other variables ensuring that the activities are distributed in a realtime task-to-task method to the most qualifies employee available or to RPA.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) enables the use of analytical/mathematical methods to optimize the entire workflow, incorporate business rules, and learn and evolve over time.

Evalyze provides a set of additional modules:

  • Dynamic and real-time dashboards
  • Intelligent Document Processing – Processes data from any received document (invoices, receipts, emails, agreements, etc.) capturing, categorizing and extracting the relevant data, reducing the human intervention.

  • Natural Language Processing 
  • Email & Whatsapp Integration
  • Back-office for no-code parametrizations

This application is available in English.

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