CloudMoyo Rail Operational Testing System (OTS)

Autor: CloudMoyo Inc

Cloud solution that simplifies rail operational testing ensuring in compliance with FRA guidelines

CloudMoyo Rail Operational Testing System (OTS) simplifies rail operational and efficiency test management programs in entirety, by facilitating the planning, execution, and reporting of tests in a cloud-based environment. This ensures 100% compliance to federal safety guidelines, such as FRA and FTA rules, GCOR, MoW, SSI, Haz-Mat, and Train Ride and Efficiencies. This solution enables inspectors to record the results of tests (including drug and alcohol tests) on hand-held devices, in real time.

CloudMoyo OTS addresses the challenges in rail operational testing by automating key processes and providing a flexible platform with a simple yet intuitive interface capable of giving role-based access to multiple hierarchies in order to configure or modify test plans and assign them to test inspectors, all with flexibility for localization and safety best practices. This helps with more efficient rail freight passenger railway operations. With this modern cloud based platform, you now have the ability to conduct tests in guided manner and report the feedback real time with interactive dashboards. Rules libraries can be pre-imported, while notifications and alerts help you identify compliance breaches and root causes.


  • Pre-populated rules library – Mass import custom tests or leverage a ready-to-use knowledge base/rules library for GCOR, MoW, Haz-Mat, and SSI
  • Integrations – Seamlessly connects with business systems like SAP, ERP, HRMS, etc.
  • Rapid test plan creation – Quickly configure rules and rapidly create test plans
  • Test execution and assessment – Rapidly execute tests with guided interface for test inspectors
  • Multi-device compatibility - intuitive interface compatible on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Notification and alerts – E-mail and SMS-based notifications and alerts for all major incidences
  • Dynamic dashboards – Get a 360° view of parameters associated with a test program in real time

Benefits of CloudMoyo OTS:

  • 20% decline in safety incidents through proactive testing
  • 35% improvement in crew productivity
  • Real-time reporting of test programs.
  • Interactive and intuitive UI for rapid, trigger-based, and repeatable programs
  • Reduced training costs and evaluation cycle time
  • Eliminates manual testing efforts as well as time-consuming, error-prone paperwork.
  • Improved compliance with FRA and FTA rail safety guidelines and GCOR (General Code of Operating Rules)
  • Higher enforcement of safety rules and best practices, reduced penalties, and increased safety

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