Climate Change Impact Mitigation Tool

Autor: CogniTensor Technology Pvt Ltd

Preempt Climate Risk and avoid losing profitability because of climate change!

Is climate change affecting your business?

Preemptively adapt your key business processes to assess and mitigate climate risk to keep your business up to date with ever-changing sustainability regulations.

Our end-to-end tool offers businesses an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with climate change on various KPIs through:

  1. Correlational Analysis that provides visibility to the interdependence of business KPIs and climate related input variables, like average rainfall, along with the impact of other variables on raw material procurement prices in terms of ranking for a specified time period.

  2. User Interactive Forecasting to perform ‘what if’ scenarios and understand the future impact of Sustainability KPIs, like average temperature, on raw material procurement providing the management with an understanding of the degree of impact that climate change can have on their entire value chain

  3. ML Based Recommendation System provides actionable recommendations for all business units, to prepare a business plan that incorporates the changing industry landscape due to climate change and a holistic overview of its impact on Financial, Reputational, and Compliance related outcomes

This tool can be customized to each individual business’ needs with the help of a dedicated team of data experts and the in-house MLOps based platform that helps accelerate the development and deployment of Enterprise AI applications reducing time to market and cost to market.

Learn more by viewing our product demo video!

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