Cognizant Call Performance Analyzer - powered by WorkNext AI

Autor: Cognizant

A solution that provides automation of call transcriptions in real-time and recorded calls

The landscape of Contact Centers & service Desks is evolving, with the leaders paying more attention by investing in technologies and focusing on talent retention and company culture.

Some of the latest service desk trends include conversational AI, flexible workforces, intelligent virtual agents, and security analytical insights. However, despite the evolving landscape and trends, the contact center and service desk industry have their fair share of challenges that need to be addressed. Manual data entry and transcription errors, accuracy issues, agent burnout and scalability concerns are a few of them.

The Cognizant Call Performance Analyzer solution offers real-time and recorded call transcribing automation. By possessing the ability to transform spoken words into written text, as well as condense written text into summaries, this tool serves as a potent instrument that can be utilized by call centers and service desks to enhance productivity. It offers valuable insights into speech patterns and emotions, ensures precise transcriptions of phone conversations, and facilitates adherence to regulations, resulting in improved incident management and accurate reporting.

Key Solution highlights include:

  • Gen AI based solution accelerator

  • Cloud Native

  • Support for 30 languages

  • Support for batch call ingestion and text analytics

  • Automation of call transcriptions in real-time and recorded calls

  • Compliance and PII protection for data security

  • User-friendly data visualization with Power BI

The pricing for this engagement will be customized based on the scope and requirements determined during the initial consultation.

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