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Insurance Agent Engagement Platform for agent/broker sales and CRM

The Problems We Noticed In The Industry

The CRM system you have is not an Agent Engagement Platform:

  • The customer is the agent, the broker, and the insured. The problem is that CRM tools do not compensate all of them as the customer.
  • There is a lack of understanding as to what makes Agent A more successful than Agent B.

System of Insight

  • IMPACT gathers insight from across your current technology estate and best determines how to engage with your agents and brokers.
  • Identifies what activities and behaviors of your distribution process makes you more profitable.
  • Fueled by Microsoft Power BI for fast, and flexible access to data.

Collaborative Tools

  • IMPACT delivers the insights that are pertinent to your business users while providing a holistic view of the agent/broker and insured.
  • Aggregates all stakeholders responsible for agent/broker success and points them to the activities that are the most profitable.
  • Campaign monitoring allows for a better understanding of success. This ensures that your team will drive the best resources to your clients.

User Friendly Simple Integration

IMPACT leverages the entire policy admin, underwriting, claims, and other systems.

Well documented API interface prefabricated for plug-ins to your policy admin systems.

Clearly defined on-boarding process with templates.

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