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In-app messaging, and voice and video calling for your users

CometChat is a SaaS solution that provides apps and websites with secure, scalable, and quick-to-implement text, voice, and video chat. Our industry-leading SDKs, UI Kits, and no-code widgets are trusted by over 50,000 developers worldwide. The CometChat platform enables customers to remain focused on their core technology, while we deliver a robust, feature-rich, and configurable chat solution that drives user-to-user engagement. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA we have a global team united by a shared mission to fuel our customer’s growth through meaningful person-to-person connections.

CometChat was selected to the prestigious NASSCOM League of 10 in 2022.

CometChat is not a customer support chat solution; it is designed to enable users on a platform to interact among themselves. Businesses from all verticals use CometChat to drive engagement on their platform - Healthcare, Education, Online Events, On-demand Service Providers, Marketplace, Community, Dating, etc.


  1. Increase engagement and traction on your platform
  2. Increase user retention and loyalty
  3. Monetise user traction to increase revenues
  4. Integrate an in-app text, voice and video chat solution in minutes as opposed to months

We pride ourselves for offering transparent pricing, view it here.

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