CV ecommerce by Commerce Vision

Autor: Commerce Vision

A powerful, functionally rich ecommerce platform integrated to Microsoft Dynamics

World class integrated B2B & B2C ecommerce

CV ecommerce is an integrated platform flexible enough to support your business, and powerful enough to transform it. Our Microsoft Dynamics-integrated B2B & B2C platform understands your complex business rules and effortlessly extends your business reach to new markets, 24/7.

With seamless ERP integration, your pricing logic, stock security, and other processes are obeyed by your website, whilst providing a personalised customer experience at the front end.

  • Real-time data communication between your ERP and the web
  • Give your customers access to pricing, account, order and delivery information whenever they like
  • Drive efficiency for both you and your customers’ businesses, reducing your cost-to-serve
  • Offer PunchOut ordering capability to support your enterprise level B2B customers
  • Deliver a responsive user experience, no matter the device

Content Management built with digital marketers in mind

Our powerful but user-friendly CMS empowers digital marketing teams to create an exceptional customer experience, without the need for an IT degree.

  • Stage & Preview - see what your page will look like before you send it live
  • Schedule promotions and update content and product campaigns with ease
  • Personalisation - easily segment your customers to give them a personalised experience on your site, every time
  • Drag & Drop - create and edit web pages simply by dragging modules around the screen – no fiddly coding required
  • Mobile-friendly - responsiveness is baked in, letting you decide the kind of experience your mobile users will have
  • Intuitive - clever content editing automatically follows your style guide and lets you enable/disable features with just a quick toggle

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