Autor: Connected Analtyics

SIM IoT Management Platform, Cross Carrier, Cross Platform

The Hidden Value of IoT Connectivity Proper IoT management is critical to the success of any connected businesses, but not always easy to supervise. Take control of your business, increase profits and view your data all in one place with SIMetric. Simple- Onboarding tutorials with step-by-step instructions. No developers, analysts or IT resources needed. Sign up today and be ready to save tomorrow. Affordable- Connected Analytics customers save between 18-32% per month. Customized service plans developed for your personal business needs. No consulting fee. Accessible- Cloud-based platform with 24/7 access. Real-time analytical dashboard can be displayed on multiple screen sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops. Custom-controlled dashboard accessibility for multiple users. Automated- Updated analytics with each loaded session of the dashboard. Actionable- View your personal insights and predictive analytics, then take action to scale your approach. No surprises at the end of the month. Monitoring of your devices and alerts of malfunction or misuse enables you to take immediate action. Theft detection ensures notification if any SIMs are removed.

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